Brunei 26 N-Day

Tuesday 23 February 2010 0 comments


Assalamualaikum and G'day! In honour of our 26th National Day, I wanted to share my heartiest congratulations to all Bruneians. I may not be 100% Bruneian, I wish I am but yet I still feel this enthusiasm to post something in its honour. Kudos to those involved in the march for the 26th ND celebration at Taman Sir Omar Ali Saifuddien this morning. My wife's colleagues and students who were involved with the marching were all set out to travel to BSB for the celebration as early as 5am! Anyway, that's how they commit themselves to our National Day, as for me...maybe I will try my luck and perhaps I will have a ND great catch of the day later this afternoon! Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke-26 "Negaraku Brunei Darussalam" ... 

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Late MJ strike

Saturday 20 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and G'day! I meant to post this last night but I was knackered to even upload my photos to the laptop. I caught an MJ of approximately around 250-300g just when I was about to call it a day. My brother, Dimebagz was unable to get a single hook up where Mr. Marshmallow man had lost a few. It was windy yesterday and my catch wasn't as big as my last MJ 1.5 kg but in the least, I caught something. Haha! I didn't catch anything this morning but later, we'll be out again for a Barra hunt. Wish me luck!  \ (^_^) /

Pic was taken by Mr. Marshmallow man

It was dark so I had to use flash

Gold Halco Sorcerer with a MJ

NOTE: Fish caught was "Catch and Release" and to Dimebagz and Marshmallow man, don't give up and keep trying. Hehe ... 

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Friday 19 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and G'day! I woke up at 4am this morning to watch Liverpool play against Unirea for the Europa Cup (Liverpool won 1-0). After the game, I planned to go for a quick cast for Barras. When I got to the Barra spot, my Ecogear top water pencil was not on the breakfast menu for Barras or Tarpons. I didn't get a single hit or misses. So I changed my lure to Eupro and moved to another location. This morning, the water level was at 0.9m perfect for Jack fishing. As soon as I reached there, I quickly casted my lure as my time limit was until 9am. Around 5mins later, I got the first strike but this one was powerful. The tip of my rod bent and vibrated viciously and my 15lbs braided line kept on coming out from my drag. I reeled it in as quickly and steadily as I could but the fish just won't give up. Every time I had it close, it kept on going away refusing to give up. When I finally had it really close, I took my grip and clip it to the big Jack. Lift it up from the water and was shocked to see the MJ weighed at 1.5kg (My best personal record for MJs so far. YAY!!). Next I changed my lure and rigged a YO-ZURI Hardcore (aka Jamie). Casted it immediately and got a second, juvenile MJ. Just before my time was nearly over, I caught the third Jack but unfortunately, it somehow was able to let loose from the hooks. My guess is, the third must have been in the range of around 1kg. So I stopped casting and before I went home, I bought fried kuay tiaw for my wife and the boys. Alhamdulillah, rezeki seems to come in my way (^_^)

Rezeki di pagi Jumaat

Pic was taken by my sis Lydia at my mother's

1.5kg Jack and 46cm in length

Closeup of the 1.5kg Jack and Eupro lure

Juvenile Jack using YO-ZURI Hardcore aka Jamie

NOTE: Juvenile Jack was "Catch and Release". The bigger Jack was a good size enough to "tapau" so I took it home and gave it to my mother for today's lunch. By the time you finished reading this post, the Jack was already ravished and left in bones. Haha! 

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Alhamdulillah, My first Barramundi

Tuesday 16 February 2010 0 comments

Asslamualaikum and G'day! After the hard work and dedication I put in, casting from dusk till dawn, willingness to sacrifice to stand in the scorching hot sun and my wife having to tolerate my obsession, I finally and successfully caught a Barramundi. I went to the spot where Zool caught a 3.1kg Barra hoping that I would have the same luck. The lure I decided to go for was a YO-ZURI red-head crystal minnow. Somehow, there were no sign of the fish, instead I was bored out of my mind and sang Britney Spears' "Baby Hit Me One More Time" while reeling my lure in and kinda hoping that the song would lure the fish in. Lol! Half an hour later, I moved to another location. As I arrived to the spot, I noticed the water looked decent as it was black and kinda opaque in color. So I cast my YO-ZURI and again, there were no response. I saw bait fish being chased by and I assumed it was the Tarpons feeding. Since the YO-ZURI were not effective, I took it off and rigged a Rapala knot on a Cultiva top-water pencil lure. Just right after my first cast, I received a splash hitting my lure (My guess at that time was a Tarpon). Kept casting again but this time, I twitched it slowly and BAM!! a STRIKE! Thought it was a Tarpon but when I reeled it in, it felt kinda different. Then I saw the body of the fish and from there I was excited and knew it's the elusive fish. Got it out of the water, weighed it immediately and took some 600g Barramundi photos. And then off he goes to the estuaries. Hopefully he'll grow bigger and I will have the chance to catch him again. Haha! Syukur alhamdulillah, now the Barra is no longer elusive to me! 

600g Barra using Cultiva top-water pencil lure with a 15lbs braided line 
and a 30lbs flurocarbon leader.

 Proudly caught Barra

 Another angle of the shot

 A close up with the Barra

NOTE: Barramundi caught was "Catch and Release"  and "Barra Hit Me One More Time!!" Haha!! 

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Zool's 3.1kg Barramundi!!

Monday 15 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and G'day! After two days of Snakehead hunting, it was time for me to try my luck on salt water fishing. A friend of mine, Zool previously had been disappointed with his lack of catch recently and were talking about it with me on FB. I told him to stay patient and said that one day ... he will catch a big one. That wish was granted today!!  I had just arrive in time at the spot to see Zool reeling hard and steady. With a 15lbs braided line (no leader) and using a Rapala lure, he successfully reeled a 3.1kg Barramundi! Now, there is nothing for him to complain about 'cause he is one satisfied and happy geezer. Haha! As for me, yet again I failed to land one of my own elusive fish. You better watch out Mr.Barra 'cause soon, I will GET YA!! lol ...

Zool's 3.1kg Barramundi

 He's a happy man. Haha!

 Harry taking a pose with Zool's Barra

NOTE: Thanks Zool for allowing me to post your Barramundi pics on my blog. Again, I'd like to say congratulations on your 3.1kg Barramundi. 

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Snakehead frenzy at W-spot


Assalamualaikum and Hola! This morning we went Snakehead hunting at the W-spot. I left home at 7am and picked up Tyco Kembura (Duo Fishing) along the way. We left KB at 7.15am and reached to our destination at 7.30am. When we arrived at the W-spot, Walid and Eejat (KB-ians Anglers) were already there and were taking photos on Eejat's first catch that morning. Everyone was using a frog topwater buzz bait lure ... but I opted to try my $1 grub again. Not only TK, Walid and Eejat got good responses from the buzz bait, they also had successfully reeled in 8 Snakeheads. TK and Eejat both got a hat-trick but TK caught the biggest weighed in at approximately 900g. Walid did pretty well landing 2 Snakeheads, while myself felt a little disappointed. Seeing the success of the buzz bait, I took my $1 grub off and rigged in my buzz bait lure. Somehow, the frenzy had stopped and I was already feeling the pressure but it didn't stop me from casting until I get at least one Snakehead. I decided to leave the group and made my way to another untouchable spot. There, I received a few serious misses and not long after, that 'pressure' was lifted off my shoulders. The buzz bait effectively caught the attention of a juvenile Snakehead. In result, 9 Snakeheads were caught for the day and maybe more to come in the near future. Hehe ...

One is better than nothing

 Small but fun

Buzz bait success on a Snakehead

NOTE: TK and I would like to thank Walid for taking us to the W-spot and also ... thanks for the refreshment and lunch at your place. Next time I'll bring extra clothing and a quick dry pants to jump into your pool. Haha!

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$1 Grub Snakehead

Saturday 13 February 2010 0 comments

 Assalamualaikum and g'day! This morning, I decided to go for freshwater fishing with my cousin Tyco Kembura (Duo-Fishing) and were invited by Walid (KB-ians Anglers) to an undisclosed spot (I called it lubok W or W-spot). Walid got impatient that he started without us and got himself 3 snakeheads. When we arrived and met Walid, we rushed to the frenzied spot. As soon as we reached to the W-spot, Walid threw his first cast and it didn't took him long for his 4th snakehead strike. At that time, my lure was simple. Just a $1 grub that I bought from a local tackle store. After approx. 20mins, without realizing ... my cheap grub were suddenly tugged by a snakehead, I gave a serious pump to make sure that I got a solid hook-up. Reeled it in steadily ... nicely and got myself a 700g snakehead (my biggest so far). Walid congratulated me on my game fish catch but just 15 minutes after, he caught a bigger snakehead than mine ranging from 1+ kg. It was a shocker! Haha! TK thought he had a strike himself ... it was an exciting moment but sadly only reeled in ... dead weeds. Better luck next time TK. We had to stop because of the scorching hot sun. So by the end of the day, Walid got 5 snakeheads and I caught 1. Insya'llah, tommorow the snakehead adventure continues.

700g Snakehead on a hot day

Closer look on a $1 grub

NOTE: Due to the Snakehead's healing qualities, it was not released because my brother, Sofian requested for it to be taken home to help a small child recover from his accident injuries. Btw, W-spot is named after Walid. Haha!!

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Halco and Eupro success!

Friday 12 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi ya'll! I'm avoiding my Prawnstar lure since it got snagged 2 days ago that I had to work real hard to retrieve it back. Yesterday, I bought two lures, Halco Sorcerer (2.5m) and a Eupro. So today, I went casting to the usual spot and when I got there, it didn't take long until I got the first strike. A 600g Mangrove Jack took my Halco Sorcerer viciously but I managed to reel it in safely. Took a few snapshots and off he goes to the estuaries. After that I had to change my leader and decided to try a Eupro lure. I'm not a big fan of using a snap swivel 'cause I believe it ruins the performance of the lure. Instead, I use a rapala knot which allows your lure to wobble freely and naturally. I rigged it and cast it away and around half hour later, I received a second strike. It was fun reeling the second Jack as it was going all over the place fighting for its life. Like usual, take a few pictures and released it. The second Jack weighed around 350g and 29cm long (1cm away from the legal length) I was looking for a Hat-trick but 2 was all I got, more than enough for the day (syukur alhamdulillah). By the way, you don't need a Prawnstar if you wanna be a good angler. Haha!

600g Jack and around 35cm long

Halco Sorcerer did it again!

 Me sooo happy! haha!

 350g and 29cm long MJ using Eupro

NOTE: I didn't get the chance to use my new Halco but hopefully will try it tomorrow. As usual, fish caught was "Catch and Release". (^_^)

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Halco Sorcerer is BACK with a JACK

Thursday 11 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hola again. On my last post, I mentioned I will avoid using a Prawnstar lure. It was difficult at first to which lure I should use between Halco and YO-ZURI but in the end, I went for the Halco Sorcerer. The reason being is because it was a high tide (around 1.5m) so Halco is a suitable lure to cast at the time. I was accompanied by my cousin, Tyco Kembura (Duo Fishing) and my brother Sofian who came a little late. At first we were hunting for Barramundi and again, to my disappointment it was no where to be found. Then we changed to the usual spot but this time, T.K jokingly said that he was targeting for Catfish or Ikan Utik. Haha! Around 10mins later, I received a serious hit. Reeled it in and was happy to see a Mangrove Jack hooked on a Halco Sorcerer. It was a good size around 350g and I released it safely to the estuaries. I'm still thinking about the Barramundi but it's not a big deal. The most important thing about fishing is to have fun. So hopefully tomorrow will show the same result. All I can say about today is "Syukur Alhamdulillah ...".

350g MJ on a Halco Sorcerer

A second take on the MJ. Nice ah!

You beautay!!

NOTE: Went to the local tackle store to get a new Halco Sorcerer (52 DD) lure, Eupro (Lure Family) lure and a jig head. TK also bought Halco lures. Hehe ...

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Low tide casting for MJ


Assalamualaikum and hi y'all! Searching for the elusive Barramundi is not looking too promising and I figure luck plays a part in this hunt. It's so unpredictable to find this popular game fish. If you're at the right time and at the right spot, you'll find 'em but most of the time, it seems that I never come across with the fish. At least catching Jacks is as good as looking for a Barra or two. Anyhow, I caught a MJ this morning and updated few pictures of it. And again, Prawnstar did the job. One of the angler, Barra-Red told me that you could get Prawnstar in Miri but I have no idea to the whereabouts. If you're planning to go to Miri this weekend, I suggest you go find it. I'm going hunting for Jacks again later this afternoon so wish me luck. Cheers! (^_^)

Prawnstar got me addicted. haha! 
I just love that blue lining below the eye.

 Nice huh?! hehe ...

NOTE: I will try to avoid using Prawnstar later and will be using Halco Sorcerer and YO-ZURI Hardcore. Jackaroonie was "Catch and Release" btw. 

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Little Jack ...

Tuesday 9 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum. Ever since the day Rahman caught a Barramundi, I was determined with a never-give-up-attitude to try and catch one myself. Unfortunately, no Barramundi was sighted. Instead, only baby Mangrove Jacks were caught (with Prawnstar of course). However, this won't stop me from searching for the elusive Barramundi as my desperation grew more and more to strike one of the under populated Barra. Anyway, here are some pictures of the day's catch and of yesterday's ... 

My wife loves this MJ pic.

MJ from this morning hungry for Prawnstar and 
my wife likes this pic too ... haha!

Regular angler, Alai with his MJ (using Eupro lure).

Salt water Tarpon on a very hot sunny day and nice blue skies.

NOTE: I will get you, Barramundi! Haha! 



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Not mine but Rahman's

Sunday 7 February 2010 0 comments

Went to a new spot to fish today with my brother, Sofian. I managed to reel in a big Tarpon but it got away 3 feet before I had the chance to land it. There were no signs of fish where we casted so we moved to my usual spot. Even then, we didn't catch anything. I texted Rahman on his fishing whereabouts and met him soon afterward. When we got there, I asked him whether he caught anything for the day and he told me to peek into his bag. I couldn't help feeling that he'd gotten something that I've been wanting to catch in my ONE YEAR fishing experience. Carefully I opened the bag and to my horror it was a 900g BARRAMUNDI!!!! Caught using a 15lbs braided line and a 14lbs leader on a Rapala Skitter Pop. Gobsmacked and green with envy, I placed the Barramundi back into his bag which he had intended to give it away to my sister...a token of his love. So sad to say, the fish was not 'catch and release' but someone else is happier today in the end =)   

900g Barramundi by Rahman (Mua puas hati...haha!)

Barramundi on a grill with Lydia & Rahman.

Barramundi not catch and release but catch and!

Barramundi and friends, the Tarpons on a barbie.

NOTE: Congratulations to Rahman on his 2nd Barramundi catch and next time do catch and release...haha! 

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Prawnstar proved its worth.

Tuesday 2 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hola! I was texted by Walid (KB-ians Anglers) saying "Prawnstar proven" and it was a coincidence that I was at a local tackle store and not far from where I used to fish. My business at the tackle store was to get some beads for my Prawnstar, spinning reel cover for my Shimano Biomaster and a 30lb flurocarbon leader (Invisible Water). After getting these, I didn't hesitate to go to the usual spot. Once I got there, I rigged my Prawnstar with beads added in its belly and using the new leader I just bought. Not long after my second cast, I received a nudge but no hook-up. After the sixth cast, I finally caught a Mangrove Jack, probably around 300-400g. I set it free after taking a few snapshot of the beauty. I moved to a different spot and kept casting. Fifteen mins later, I got another hook-up. It might just be a baby but it shows how brutal a small Jack can be. My time limit was until 12 noon cause I have to pick the kids from school at 12.20. As the clock strikes 12, I was reluctant to leave but I gave it another shot. Kept on casting until the 5th cast, and surprisingly I got the 3rd strike. But this time it was different. I knew it was a Jack but this one is just playing nasty. It was fighting for its life refusing to give up. It's a good thing that I bought that 30lbs leader cause the one I had which is a 20lbs Toman brand would definitely snap. The Jack has got to be in a range of 700-800g b'cause it was heavy. I was ecstatic and I wouldn't lie to you that I actually "WOOOOOed!!" Haha! In 35mins I caught 3 Mangrove Jacks and I am one happy geezer (^_^) .

1st strike with a Prawnstar.

Another view of the Jack.

2nd strike!! Just a cute baby MJ.

3rd strike!!! gotta love this Prawnstar!

Another snapshot of the Jack.

MJ totally swallowed the middle hook but was safely removed.

NOTE: Even though the last MJ caught was a table size good enough to bring it home for dinner, it was safely release to its habitat. (Gotta control its population. One person makes a huge difference.) And to Walid, dude!! you have to order more Prawnstars. Haha! 

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Monday 1 February 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi y'all! Let's talk about Prawnstar. Every fish favorite and staple diet are prawns. So the Aussies came up with this brilliant idea of turning prawn into plastic lures. These lures are very tough plastic and won't get damage if you get hit by nasty Jacks. What I like about these lures is that the tail of the prawn flicks when you twitch your rod making it look like a real prawn. The size ranges from small, medium and large and comes in different colors. The one I have with me is a small size or Prawnstar Junior and its in green. I've been wanting to get my hands on this lure for a very long time and at last I got it. Credit goes to Walid (KB-ians Anglers) who just returned from Perth, Australia. I personally asked him to buy Prawnstar Junior for me and it is rewarding. So for those who are interested in these fantastic lure, you can order it online or even better, fly to Australia if you have all the money to spend. If you wanna know more about Prawnstar, you can click the link here. I took some photos of my Prawnstar for you to see and be warned, soon you would want one yourself. Haha!

Behold the Prawnstar!

 Top view of the Prawnstar.

 Side view of the Prawnstar.

Prawnstar in its packet.

NOTE: Thank you to Walid for getting me Prawnstar and Berkley Gulp. Will look forward of getting more Aussie lure from you. Hehe ...

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