Friday morning Mangrove Jack with Storm SP

Friday 14 May 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and G'day! After 9 hours of sleep, I woke up early this morning at 6am. My plan this morning was to hunt for Jacks, Tarpons and Barramundi. After a quick breakfast (Honey Stars and milk. LOL) I left home at 6.20am. My preferred spot was at a new bridge in Seria where last two days ago, a Barra got loose from my Prawnstar lure. Unfortunately, no Barra was sighted, only a 500g Tarpon was caught with my Prawnstar. While I was casting, I felt uneasy and needed to drop a bomb. So I stopped and zoomed my way to OGDC (the only "clean" toilet in Seria I must add). After polluting the OGDC toilet where it was just cleaned by the cleaners, I resumed casting but this time at a constructed area next to a bridge. There, not a single fish wanted to nudge my Storm soft plastic lure. I had to move again as my head was throbbing due to the lack of fluids. The final spot I went was where I first started fishing and there I caught 2 decent size Mangrove Jacks. There was so many bait fish swimming around and predatory fish could also be seen chomping on it. I took this advantage to cast at the area and was quickly yanked by a 500g Jackaroonie. After taking a few pics and releasing the Jack, I threw another cast and BAM! another strike. It was another Jack but this time it weighed in at 400g. It was nearly noon and my pregnant wife was expecting for me to bring home fried mee and kuay tiaw from Ah Tong. Until next time, enjoy the pics. (^^,)

Nice Jackaroonie!!

 500g MJ using a Storm soft plastic lure

 2nd Jackaroonaayyy!!

 400g MJ also using Storm soft plastic lure

NOTE: Jacks were "Catch & Release" and the fried mee and kuay tiaw was deliciouso!! Haha!

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I CHEATED!! ... Haha!!

Wednesday 12 May 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and G'day! Since we found out that I'm going to be a daddy again, I decided to cut down my fishing activity so that I could comfort and pamper my wife. Hehe ... Anyways, last weekend on the 8th of May happens to be Tyco's (Duo Fishing) bday and fishing the whole day was what he wanted on his big day. We caught 3 Estuary Cods, a juvenile Barracuda, a 400g Mangrove Jack, a 600g John's Snapper and a 1kg Stingray. Even though TK didn't get what he wanted (Barramundi) he was happy enough to have caught 2 fish. As for me, it was like when I first started fishing again using live prawns as bait (Cheat mode). I must admit, it was fun but that won't stop me from casting. And to TK or Dnok, Happy Birthday cuzz.

 600g John's Snapper using live bait

Estuary Cod also using live bait

 My first 1kg Stingray

Estuary Cod using Halco Poltergeist 50

All fish ended up on a barbie ... YUMMO!!

NOTE: All fish were caught and brought home for TK's birthday. To TK, Happy belated 32nd Birthday, semoga Allah SWT panjangkan umur, murah rezeki & dapat banyak ikan BESAR!  Haha!

Me and TK 

 My boy Kayl turned 5 on the 3rd of May

Bolt is one of his favorite cartoon character

2nd NOTE: It was fun on my son's 5th b'day and it's amazing how they grow up so fast. On that day, our bellies were packed with BBQ chicken wings and lamb chops and some suffered the consequences the next day. Haha!!

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