Storm plastic lures and my "small" catches (^^,)

Tuesday 28 December 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Just wanna update you with my latest catch which took place yesterday, Monday morning. Like usual, TK and I were casting at the mangroves hoping to catch some Jacks. But unfortunately, only small fish were caught but hey, better than nothing right? Recently I ordered new sets of Storm plastic lures which I bought online. They were 3½" Wildeye Pro Paddle Tail & 2" Wildeye Swim Shad. The 3½" is for me to test it at the breakwaters but since the weather and the waves didn't look too safe to cast, we decided not to risk our own safety. So the 2" Wildeye were the only choice to use for the mangroves and I caught an estuary Cod with it. Check out the pics below of my "small" catch and my Storm plastic lures. (^^,)

Estuary Cod ate my Storm Wildeye

Baby Jack can't resist my Baby Cima

Terapon Jarbua took my Ecogear pencil

Storm swim shad & paddle tail


Close up

NOTE: Fish was "Catch & Release" and looking forward to order more plastic lures in the future. Hehehe ...

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Sunday 26 December 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! It's been a long time since I updated my blog and I guessed some of you may have wondered why. I was busy taking care of my wife who was heavily pregnant. And now proud to say, I'm a father of a newly born healthy and beautiful baby girl, safely delivered on the 10th December, 2.03 am. My fishing days and time will have its own limit now and that means, no fishing until dusk. Well at least there'll be more fish feedings in the morning which is a good thing. Haha! I've kept some photos of my previous catch and since today I felt like updating, I might as well post all of my fishing pics. 

My casting session began yesterday (Christmas day) with none other than my cousin TK. I was using my new 6'6", 6-12lb graphite Shimano Compre rod pairing it with my Stradic 2500, complete with a 6lb test Berkley Fireline. After setting up my fishing gear, it was happy fishing time for me. The result was positive as TK caught 2 Jacks, 2 snakeheads and a big fish busted his lure. I caught 3 Tarpons and a juvenile Barra using Baby Cima (barbless hook) lure. And today, we went at it again but I was the one who is lucky enough to have caught 2 baby Trevally, a juvenile Barracuda, a Mangrove Jack and a Barramundi.

Yesterday's catch

 Self pict

 Juvenile Barra using Baby Cima lure (barbless hook) 

 TK's busted Abu Gacia lure

 Baby Trevally using Baby Cima

 Second baby Trevally

Juvenile Barracuda with the same lure
Small but fun

Jackaroonie and me

Jack using the same lure

Barramundi again

Baby Cima lure ... again

(Old pics I kept) Baby Jack using Ecogear pencil


Ecogear pencil lure.

NOTE: All fish are "Catch & Release" and if you would like this fishing practice, use barbless hook so you won't hurt the fish as much. (^^,)

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