Lively Lures from Oz

Wednesday 26 January 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Just wanna share you with my new lures. I just bought 'em yesterday of my mate who ordered it from down under. The lure is called Lively Lures and it is proudly an Australian made. Do check out their website if you're interested in Aussie lures. The model I have are Mad Mullets (Micro and Mini) and it's a deep runner type, perfect for Mangrove Jack fishing. They claimed that the bibs of these lures are tough and almost impossible to break. I'm a bit skeptical with the split ring that connects to the bib. Don't know if it is strong enough to withstand any big fish. And by the way, I took out the original treble hooks and changed it to VANFOOK double hook. Will definitely test these lure this Sunday (Insya'allah) and hopefully it's worth the money. I can't wait! (^^,)

 Lively Lures from Oz

 Mini Micro

 Micro Mullet

 Which one do you prefer?

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2011's First, MJ, Snakehead & Estuary Cod

Monday 24 January 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! It has been rainy this past few weeks and anglers like us find it difficult to fish at this time. Temperature and the salinity of the water has definitely change the estuary system and the fish would probably go to a deeper area. But since Sunday is the only fishing day available, I just have to go with luck. Like usual, my cousin Tyco and I went to our usual spot at 0630hrs. This time, I have installed VANFOOK double hook (which I bought recently) on my favorite lures so I came prepared. Lures I started to use was a Baby Cima 60MR-F minnow and it wasn't long that I got an early strike. It was just a small Estuary Cod and after releasing it back, I cast away and a strong thug took my Baby Cima. Reeled it nice and easy and voilà! a good size 500g MJ. Tyco however caught a good size Tarpon using a Rapala Shad Rap. The tide was about to rise and we decided to move to freshwater fishing as we were targeting Snakeheads. There, Tyco caught a small Snakehead and an hour later, I caught one weighing around 400g. Since Snakeheads have some healing and medicinal properties, we had to take it home for my brother in law who recently had an operation. As the sun were shining above our heads, the temperature were getting hotter, we had to called it a day. Sunday fishing was fun and now, I'm counting days for my next Sunday fishing (^^,)

  Nice colored Jack with my Baby Cima 60MR-F

Tyco call this area, "Lubok Kaki Basah". Haha! 

 1st fish of the day, an Estuary Cod

2nd Estuary Cod using YO-ZURI HARDCORE and VANFOOK double hook

400g Snakehead on a hot afternoon @ Lubok Jalan Kaki. Haha!

 It swallowed my Superior Frog lure

 VANFOOK double hook #6 & #8

 A real good look at it

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release" except for the Snakehead. Had to take home and cook it for its medicinal purpose. Until next time, see you again on Sunday. (^_^)

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2011's First Barra

Tuesday 11 January 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Last Sunday I went out casting early morning with Zool. TK was absent at that time as he went to Empangan Pancur Murai, hoping to get his first Giant Snakehead but unfortunately it was not successful. Zool got there half an hour earlier than me and when I got there Zool had already started. Like usual, the area is known for its Tarpons and very challenging to catch. The best lure to use is a popper as they hit it pretty hard compare to a minnow. My lure that morning was a Baby Cima 45NLS and it wasn't long until I threw my first cast that a Barramundi took the lure. Officially this is my first Barra for the year 2011 and the two Barras I caught at MPR doesn't count. Haha! In total, I caught 3 fish (one Barra and two Tarpons) and lost a lot, and Zool landed a Tarpon. As the temperature was starting to heat up, we stopped and went for teh tarik and dosai for brunch. 

 First Barra for 2011

 700-800g Barra using Baby Cima

 "Ninja" Zool's Tarpon

Tarpon on a YO-ZURI EBA minnow red head

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release"

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Boys Night Out

Sunday 9 January 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Last Tuesday (4/01/2011) my cuzz TK and I went to BSB to collect my daughter's emergency passport and also to buy my wife a Nokia N8 at QQeStation. But before that we were so hungry that we went to Jerudong for lunch at Seaworld Neptune. We ordered fresh Coral Rockcod, giant clams and some veggies. The fish was steamed in Nyonya style but the sauce was too sour for my liking. I must say the fish tasted delicious that we almost finished the whole fish. Giant clams was cooked in black pepper sauce and it finished before the steamed fish got onto the table. After our bellies were filled up with clams and cod, we did some errands before going to Mangrove Paradise Resort. Although it was raining at that time, it didn't stop us from going to MPR. When we got there, the rain kinda ease a little bit and it stopped later on. Zool joined us an hour later and we didn't stop casting until 2130hrs. TK caught a Barra but somehow it managed to escape from the hooks. I caught 2 Barras, with one nearly 2kg and the other about 1.5kg. All I can say is it was fun catching with a 6lb test line, a 6-12lb rod and a Shimano Stradic 2500. Will definitely go there again for another boys night out casting. Before we head back to KB, we dropped by at McDonalds for some cheese burgers and ate it all on our way back home. (^_^)

  Almost 2kg Barra using IMA lure

1st Strike at MPR

TK right behind me

2nd strike at MPR

Around 1.5kg Barra using Rapala Tail Dancer TD-5

TK and Zool posing with a Barra

TK "Catch and Release" (pay $1 to release)

Steady ...

Coral Rockcod for lunch

Ta-da! it was delicious

Giant Clam with black pepper sauce

NOTE: Barra was "Catch & Release" (cost me $2 to release) except for the Coral Rockcod as it went straight into our tummy. Haha! Next time, we'll definitely go for another night casting session with the boys at MPR. (^^,)

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