Spooning success

Tuesday 15 February 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! TK, FKFH (Duo Fishing) and I went out casting for Snakeheads at "Lubok Seluarku Basah & Pipe Tagar". We went at around 1100hrs and the weather at that time was HOT and the sun was shinning brightly, perfect for spooning. Recently I bought this really cheap spoon which only cost me $1.80. Along with it, I also bought Owner single hooks for my spoon. The original hook on the spoon is not strong enough so it is advisable to have it changed. Spooning on a bright sunny day is so effective (depending on the area). I have caught myself 5 Snakeheads on a spoon but when the sky started to get cloudy, it is useless. I was forced to substitute my spoon to a mini Superior Frog and was delighted to have caught my 6th Snakehead (the most I have caught in a day). In total, 9 Snakeheads were caught, 2 by FKFH and 1 by TK. It was getting late, and we were hungry so we had to call it a day. Off we went to grab ourselves nasi penyet for dinner courtesy of TK. If any of you would like to try to use a spoon, I truly recommend it. Enjoy spooning (not that kind of spooning. HAHA!). (^^,)

 1st strike on a cheap spoon

 2nd strike on a cheap spoon

  3rd strike on a cheap spoon

4th strike on a cheap spoon

 500g Snakehead

  5th strike on a cheap spoon

 6th strike on a Superior Frog lure

 Say aahhh ...

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release". (^_^)

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Spooning Away ...

Monday 14 February 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Got up early yesterday morning with TK to T-Junction breakwaters. Lost a lot of cods on my SP and only managed to catch just one. Not many fish biting at the area as we noticed there were many mullets swimming about. As the sun was blazing right above our heads, it was time for us to take a break for lunch. After filling our bellies with "nasi penyet", we wasted no time resuming the 2nd half of casting. The location was at "Lubok seluarku basah & pipe tagar". I was curious with the splashing around the small lagoon and thought it might be Tarpon bushing around. Since it was hot and the sun was shinning brightly, a spoon was perfect for this type of situation. Threw a few cast, and bam! a first strike. My first thought was a Tarpon but when it got closer, it was a Snakehead. I was quite delighted and threw more cast at the same spot and strike another one, slightly bigger than the first. I have an Abu Island spoon hiding somewhere in my tackle box and thought it was the right time to use it. First cast with Abu Island spoon, a decent size Snakehead willing to take the bait, followed by another one a few cast later. The sun was about to set, and the spoon weren't as affective as before, so it was time to call it a day. Lastly I'd like to say, "Selamat Menyambut Maulud Nabi, Selawat dan Salam keatas Nabi junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad SAW".

Snakehead on Abu Island spoon

Snakehead on a cheap spoon

2nd Snakehead on a cheap spoon

Small Estuary Cod on Storm SP

NOTE: Total Snakeheads caught was 4. Released 2 Snakeheads and also release the cod as they were too small for dinner. Hehe

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My version of Mangrove BARRAdise

Saturday 12 February 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! The sea has started to calm and it's an opportunity for anglers to test it out at the local breakwaters. Zool and I went to the T-Junction breakwaters and as we got there, there were so many anglers (including Pakcik & Makcik) fishing in the area. The lure I started to use was a Storm swim bait sp. I did not want to use any of my hard bodied lures, fearing it might snagged or never return, so a plastic lure was suitable. A small size Estuary Cod was my first catch that morning followed by another one by Zool. After taking a few snapshot, we had to released it immediately as it was too small. It was an hour to noon and just when we were about to give up, I decided to change my lure to Rapala Flat-Rap #6. Threw a few casts and a nice Barramundi was successfully landed using my favorite lure. And also yesterday, I went to MPR to kill some itch and caught 2 decent size baby Trevally. I must say, the fight was AWESOME!! Enjoy looking at the pics below and happy fishing! (^^,)

A good size Barra

Rapala Flat-Rap #6

Estuary Cod on Storm SP

First Trevally (600g) @ MPR, Rapala Flat-Rap #6

2nd Trevally using Baby Cima 60MR-F

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release". Trevally at MPR was super fun and definitely go there again. It's actually my first Fish at T-Junction. (^_^)

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CNY Fishing

Thursday 3 February 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Today is Chinese New Year so it's an opportunity for TK and I to go out fishing. Like usual we woke up early and got to our destination at around 0700hrs. In total, 4 fish were caught that morning, an Estuary Cod and 2.3kg Cat fish by TK and 2 mini Jacks by me and lost a lure (Rapala Flat-Rap FLR-6) and a big fish. Don't know what kind of fish it was and our guessing is that it might be a huge cat fish. When the fish weren't biting, we took a good break and went for teh tarik and onion dosai with yummy chutney. The next half of the hunting, we were targeting Snakeheads at an undisclosed location. Lure I used was a cheap spoon, with a weedless hook and a Hinomiya double tail grub. For me, this is the first time using this method of catching a Snakehead and it was truly affective. At the end of the day, each of us managed to land 2 Snakeheads and unfortunately we failed to get a hat-trick. By the way, I wanna take this opportunity to say "恭禧發財, 新年快樂" to all my Chinese friends and family. (^^,)

Small Jack @ Lubok Kaki Basah

 Rapala Flat-Rap FLR-6

 Baby Jack with my lost lure (-_-)

 First Snakehead of the day

 My cheap lure

 2nd catch

NOTE: All saltwater fish were "Catch & Release" and the Snakeheads weren't so lucky as we gave all four to a Bangladesh worker. (^_^)

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