New Shimano Accessories (^^,)

Wednesday 24 November 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Recently I deservedly bought myself some new fishing gear which I ordered online from the States (thanks to my wife's credit card. Hehe). It was a perfect timing as it arrived on my birthday which was on the 22nd November ‘10 and they even sent it at my work place. Anyways, the stuff I bought was a Shimano Blackmoon backpack, a Shimano reel cover, and 2 sets of Basstrix plastic lures. I'm quite happy to have received my orders and I didn't expect the backpack to look that big. It looked smaller when I saw the pictures on the web. Haha! Well, it doesn't matter, at least I can shove in loads of my fishing stuff in it. As for the lures, I haven't test it out yet, as of right now, work has made me tired and fatigue got the best out of me (I seriously need to get back in shape). If I do get good response from these lures, I will update you with it. I forgot to mention that I also treat myself with 5 sets of Storm plastic lure that same day. Haha! So below are some photos of my recent purchases and hope ya'll will get inspired to order it yourself. Hehehe ...

My new backpack

 Shimano Blackmoon

 The backside of it

A compartment to place your favourite plastic lures
It also comes with 2 tackle boxes
  Shimano Neoprene reel cover for my Cardiff 100A
 Basstrix 4" fat minnow (Silver)
 Basstrix 4" fat minnow (Purple)
 I forgot to post this pic. Just a small baby Trevally

2nd baby Trevally
NOTE: Baby Trevally was a "Catch & Release" and if you ever see a bloke with a blue Shimano backpack, you'll know that it's me. Haha!!

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Pending catches released!!!

Monday 22 November 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Hi y'all! Sorry for the m.i.a (^^,). I've been busy with work lately and fishing have been very limited for me. To make fishing matters worst for caster is that more and more people swarmed the area we usually fish and it is sad to see that "Catch & Release" is not practice. It's no wonder that we don't see big fish around Brunei. Some people are just being ignorant and always making "walaupun damit, rezeki jua ... " as an excuse. If this habit keeps on going, I don't think we will see bigger fish around our estuaries and this could also effect the ecosystem. We better act now before the Jacks, Barramundi and other top game fish starting to decrease. So please y'all, practice catch, take a photo and release. Let our next generation have the chance to catch these fantastic fish. Only YOU can make the difference. (^^,) (I'm voicing out on behalf of one of my friend who is quite concerned and annoyed with the current situation. Haha!)

My first Chana Lucius (Snakehead)

Chana Lucius using Ecogear pencil lure with a 6lb test Berkley

Juvenile Barracuda, ... a baby really

Juvenile Jack, ... cute

Baby Tarpon, ... also cute. Haha!

I'm still having a hard time trying to find the English term for this fish (Kirong) so if anyone have any idea, gimme a shout at my chat box. 

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release" for other anglers to catch em next time when they grow bigger. (^^,)

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