Spooning success

Tuesday 15 February 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! TK, FKFH (Duo Fishing) and I went out casting for Snakeheads at "Lubok Seluarku Basah & Pipe Tagar". We went at around 1100hrs and the weather at that time was HOT and the sun was shinning brightly, perfect for spooning. Recently I bought this really cheap spoon which only cost me $1.80. Along with it, I also bought Owner single hooks for my spoon. The original hook on the spoon is not strong enough so it is advisable to have it changed. Spooning on a bright sunny day is so effective (depending on the area). I have caught myself 5 Snakeheads on a spoon but when the sky started to get cloudy, it is useless. I was forced to substitute my spoon to a mini Superior Frog and was delighted to have caught my 6th Snakehead (the most I have caught in a day). In total, 9 Snakeheads were caught, 2 by FKFH and 1 by TK. It was getting late, and we were hungry so we had to call it a day. Off we went to grab ourselves nasi penyet for dinner courtesy of TK. If any of you would like to try to use a spoon, I truly recommend it. Enjoy spooning (not that kind of spooning. HAHA!). (^^,)

 1st strike on a cheap spoon

 2nd strike on a cheap spoon

  3rd strike on a cheap spoon

4th strike on a cheap spoon

 500g Snakehead

  5th strike on a cheap spoon

 6th strike on a Superior Frog lure

 Say aahhh ...

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release". (^_^)

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