2011's First Barra

Tuesday 11 January 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Last Sunday I went out casting early morning with Zool. TK was absent at that time as he went to Empangan Pancur Murai, hoping to get his first Giant Snakehead but unfortunately it was not successful. Zool got there half an hour earlier than me and when I got there Zool had already started. Like usual, the area is known for its Tarpons and very challenging to catch. The best lure to use is a popper as they hit it pretty hard compare to a minnow. My lure that morning was a Baby Cima 45NLS and it wasn't long until I threw my first cast that a Barramundi took the lure. Officially this is my first Barra for the year 2011 and the two Barras I caught at MPR doesn't count. Haha! In total, I caught 3 fish (one Barra and two Tarpons) and lost a lot, and Zool landed a Tarpon. As the temperature was starting to heat up, we stopped and went for teh tarik and dosai for brunch. 

 First Barra for 2011

 700-800g Barra using Baby Cima

 "Ninja" Zool's Tarpon

Tarpon on a YO-ZURI EBA minnow red head

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release"

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