Mangrove Jack with Bakau soft plastic success

Friday, 29 January 2010 0 comments

Who needs Berkley Gulp when you can buy Bakau soft plastic! haha! only kidding. I still love using Berkley Gulp but since its not available, I was forced to try other soft plastic lures. Anyways, assalamualaikum and Hola! I was knocked out for three days with a fever, sore throat and asthma, and today I'm as strong as a bull, thanks to my wife who took care of me and nagged me to go to the hospital. LOL! I went casting at my usual spot (cause there's no other place to cast) and after ten minutes using this Bakau s.p. lure, I caught a Jack probably around 400g. It was satisfying to see a Jack that size ... wish it could have been another 600g bigger but at least it shows that the lure works. The second MJ caught with a Bakau s.p. was smaller than the first one. Although it was small, it manage to nearly swallow the whole lure. I only caught two Jacks today and I'm happy. I guess I'll just have to go and sweep the Bakau soft plastic lure out from shelves of the store soon. Hehehe ...

Chubby-faced-me with Jackaroonie!!


Bakau s.p. just caught an MJ


This small Jack wants to have it whole.


Another view of the second MJ with Bakau s.p. lure in its mouth.

NOTE: Both MJs were "Catch and Release" and to Walid of KB-ians Anglers, when are you coming back to Brunei? I'm still waiting for my prawnstar and Berkley Gulp Alive. haha!!