15th July Jack

Friday, 16 July 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Today marked the 64th Birthday celebration of His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei. Since today is a public holiday, my cousin TK and I took the opportunity to go and hunt for Jacks and Barras at "Sangkar Pak Rois". Casting session started early at around 0620hrs and we were determined to catch something. TK striked first with a Tarpon followed by 300g MJ and 2 Tarpons by me. I'd like to mention that Zool caught a 950g Barra (he's on fire). I used 2 lures today, Anre's Flit and Rapala Shad Rap SSR-5 and I must say, the lure really does it for me. I'm kinda lazy to talk more on what happened this morning and I'll let the pictures do the talking. Cheers! (^^,)

My first catch of the day!

 300g MJ using ANRE'S Flit lure

Rapala Shad Rap SSR-5 (Goldfish)

Small hungry Tarpon

NOTE: All fish were "Catch & Release" and congratulations to Zool for the Barra catch.

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ANRE'S FLIT Japanese lure

Sunday, 4 July 2010 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! I've got this tempting lure to share which is a Japanese made. It's called FLIT and I bought it from Sabri yesterday. This lure is not sold here in Brunei but you can find it in Singapore (if you have the chance to fly there) and the price for one FLIT lure is $25. I know!! Expensive right?! But I think it's worth the money. The length of this lure is 6cm, weighed at 3.8g and the color varies. I don't know much about this brand but you could check it out here. I did try it this morning and I caught a Tarpon, so hopefully in the future I will catch Jacks or Barras with it. And by the way, just one fish photo I caught yesterday, a small MJ using Bakau sp. Today, had no luck but TK (Duo Fishing) did catch a 800g Barra and 300g MJ using an Ecogear redhead lure. You could either check the photos on Duo Fishing (photo upload might still be pending) or simply watch it on my FB wall. Hehe ... Until next time, Happy fishing! (^^,)

ANRE'S Flit lure

 Rectangular shaped lip

 Fish simply cannot resist this

 Yesterday's catch

NOTE: Jack was "Catch & Release" and for those who are interested in Lively Lures and Prawnstar, try and reach Walid on their KB-ians blog. Cheers!

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