Boys Night Out

Sunday, 9 January 2011 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and 안 녕! Last Tuesday (4/01/2011) my cuzz TK and I went to BSB to collect my daughter's emergency passport and also to buy my wife a Nokia N8 at QQeStation. But before that we were so hungry that we went to Jerudong for lunch at Seaworld Neptune. We ordered fresh Coral Rockcod, giant clams and some veggies. The fish was steamed in Nyonya style but the sauce was too sour for my liking. I must say the fish tasted delicious that we almost finished the whole fish. Giant clams was cooked in black pepper sauce and it finished before the steamed fish got onto the table. After our bellies were filled up with clams and cod, we did some errands before going to Mangrove Paradise Resort. Although it was raining at that time, it didn't stop us from going to MPR. When we got there, the rain kinda ease a little bit and it stopped later on. Zool joined us an hour later and we didn't stop casting until 2130hrs. TK caught a Barra but somehow it managed to escape from the hooks. I caught 2 Barras, with one nearly 2kg and the other about 1.5kg. All I can say is it was fun catching with a 6lb test line, a 6-12lb rod and a Shimano Stradic 2500. Will definitely go there again for another boys night out casting. Before we head back to KB, we dropped by at McDonalds for some cheese burgers and ate it all on our way back home. (^_^)

  Almost 2kg Barra using IMA lure

1st Strike at MPR

TK right behind me

2nd strike at MPR

Around 1.5kg Barra using Rapala Tail Dancer TD-5

TK and Zool posing with a Barra

TK "Catch and Release" (pay $1 to release)

Steady ...

Coral Rockcod for lunch

Ta-da! it was delicious

Giant Clam with black pepper sauce

NOTE: Barra was "Catch & Release" (cost me $2 to release) except for the Coral Rockcod as it went straight into our tummy. Haha! Next time, we'll definitely go for another night casting session with the boys at MPR. (^^,)

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